Have A Business Idea…What’s Next?

Business Idea

I have been faced with that very same question what’s next once I get an idea about a potential business to start.

  From the start, you want to share your idea with others.  Be mindful of the naysayers because others can kill your  dream/vision.  If it’s a product you making, you  begin to promote the product to early  and  you haven’t sat down to determine overhead costs.   Skipping over writing a business plan is not recommended.  A lot of times are initial focus is making money but  t in actuality making a profit won’t happen until some time has passed.  Any business idea can be Great but for the business to be Success there are some guidelines I recommend you do pre-start up…

  • Scope out your industry.

  • Size-up the competition.

  • Think about funding. A lot.

  • Write your business plan

  • Hone your skills/be sure the product has perfect presentation

  • Refine your concept.

  • Seek advice from a coach/mentor…someone who can be objective

  • Pick a name.

  • Determine your  marketing strategies

  • Do a trial run

  • Think outside the box

  • Think about expansion/adding talent

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