How Long Should Your Resume Be?

Resume by Stuart MilesFirst you should consider the extent of your experience. For example if you have been a manager in a number of companies for more than 10 years, then a two page resume is recommended. However, if you haven’t been in your desired field for at least 5 years, your resume should only be one page.


The second element is the job position itself. For example a resume for a truck driver can actually be the same length as a salesperson. Why? Because the individual might have 10 to 30 years of experience in that field. They may have worked for several companies. And each may also have skills that are unmatched by others. On the other hand, individuals who have worked as cashiers in a retail environment or in food service resume length would be short and to the point. The length of the resume really depends on the job. So always consider the job when you are applying with a standard resume.


The third factor in determining length of resume is what sections are needed in the resume. For example, a common resume has a summary and/or objective, skills, education and experience. Yet, some resumes may require more information. These elements may include things like awards, list of known software, tests taken and passed. The best way to know if your resume needs those extra elements is to look at examples of resumes in that field. The key ingredient in resume building is always refer to the job description and/or job application itself to customize your resume for that position.

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