Take A Look! Are You Using The 5 Words Hiring Managers Want To See?

Hiring ManagerGreetings Bloggers,

This month I decided to do  something a little different.  My goal is to always give my readers insightful information to help them in their journey for purpose.  One aspect of our lives that must be fulfilling is what we do on a day to day basis.  Our careers…. To be able to work in the field we desire we must have an awesome, well thought out resume.  Resumes help define who we are, so it’s very important to use the right verbiage, correct grammar, have fluidity and consistency.  Since, I am all about sharing, my personal coach shared this article with me about resumes. The title of the article is 5 Words that Hiring Managers Want to See on your Resume.  Take a look!!


Now that you have read the article, Take a look at your resume.  Are you using those 5 words?  If not, ask yourself how you can incorporate those words in your resume.   Do you need help with your resume?  Well you are in the right place.  L4P is here to walk alongside of you and assist you in making those necessary changes you  need to walk into the new doors that will open for you.   UHavePurpose!!